this fucking comic

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Watch: What happens when gender rules are forced on adults

They really are utter nonsense.

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His Momentous Burden, 2014

pencil on paper

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trees are so cool  

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I want to educate people about LGBTQIA issues, especially trans issues. I wan’t to help people learn. But it’s difficult to want to do that when the majority of people are like “convince me on why i should give a shit about your basic human rights” instead of “im curious and I dont know as much about this as i should, can you help me understand” 

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my day:

  • evan noticed I was binding, and said it looks nice (?)
  • There was a girl today who came up to me and said I was beautiful and gave me a hug (??)
  • My binder is giving me small bruises right underneath my armpits is this bad???????
  • I was dysphoric, as per usual.
  • I was with my cousin and aunt from wisconsin for a while- they talked about college and i wanted to throw up
  • I looked hella good for like 2 seconds
  • I have so much shit to do I want to cry

* the (?) indicates how much internal conflict/confusion I have over this

I also finished season 1 of hannibal and I cant get over it. jfc it’s the best ever


so other than that, mrs. lincoln, how was the play

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summary of the entire comic

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asking the tough questions

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